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AeroPress Coffee Maker Review*I receive commissions from purchases made through product links in this post. I sincerely appreciate if you use my links if you decide to buy something and help me in this way! And if not, no problem. To learn more click here. Coffee cheers!*

Product: AeroPress Coffee Maker
Price: Low range
Size: 250ml (1 cup)
Warranty: 1 year
My Rating: 9 out of 10

AeroPress Overview

The AeroPress coffee maker was invented in 2005 by a man named Alan Adler.

Through the years since then, it has really caught on in the coffee world, and rightly so. It’s a small coffee brewer that packs a big taste punch. It just so happens to be my favorite coffee maker!

The AeroPress is, of course, a press.


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This means that coffee is steeped and then extracted by manually pressing a piston-like device.

French press is also a press coffee maker, of course, but the two are vastly different.

Because of the high-pressured extraction and low volume of water the AeroPress can hold, the coffee comes out like an espresso shot.

Although, you can just add more water to it and it makes a wonderful cup of “regular” American coffee also.

It’s not necessarily the most beautiful coffee maker ever; but if it’s amazing, delicious coffee you’re after, AeroPress is for you.

In terms of coffee makers it’s relatively new.

But it has become a big name in the coffee world for many reasons: it makes a low acidic cup of coffee that has a taste like no other, it’s quick, and other reasons I’ll mention below.

AeroPress is a name in the coffee world that’s become associated with rich, specialty, very high quality coffee. It’s a coffee maker for everyone.


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AeroPress coffee maker

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of AeroPress…


  • Low price
  • Absolutely delicious coffee
  • Versatile
  • Quick
  • Easy to clean


  • It can be a little hard to press
  • It just doesn’t make enough coffee! (One cup at a time)

If I can put it this way, the AeroPress has just about every “pro” you’re looking for.

First off, it’s really low priced.

For just around $30, the heavenly coffee you get from it that makes it a steal. And with a one-year warranty you can’t really go wrong!

The taste of coffee from an AeroPress is just superb.

If you like to get the most out of your coffee that you can, this coffee maker does it.

Not only is the coffee low acidic, it’s also rich, smooth, not bitter, and it brings out your coffee’s flavor profile in the best way.

There are some other great brewing methods that produce a wonderful cup of coffee, like French press, pour over, and others.

But the taste of AeroPress coffee is almost perfectly balanced in my opinion.

It extracts as much flavor as possible, making a bold cup of coffee that’s as rich and strong as it can be without being a full on espresso shot.

It doesn’t have to be an espresso shot either. AeroPress is amazingly versatile. You can make espresso, American coffee, Americano, lattes, iced coffee, and more.

There is not a single other coffee maker on the market I’m aware of that can make so many types of coffee drinks, and make them coffee shop quality like AeroPress does.

It’s also a fast coffee maker. Including the time for heating the water, you can make coffee in three to four minutes.

I love fast coffee makers. It’s also a quick and easy clean up.

The cleanup time, including washing off the parts with water, is about 30 to 45 seconds.

There are only two cons about it I can think of.

The first one is that it can be hard to press; it can be a bit of a shoulder workout.

This isn’t a major problem though in my opinion. I think for at least 99% of the people who would use an AeroPress, it’s not a problem either.

If you feel that AeroPress is a bit too hard to press though, you should adjust the fineness of your coffee grounds and make them just a little more coarse.

This will make a difference and take off some of the pressure.

The other con of AeroPress is that… basically it’s just so good and it only makes one cup at a time… and I want more than one cup at a time!

But this has a solution also, at least if you want to brew for two or three people at a time. Here’s a video from Alan Adler, the man himself, explaining how to make more than one cup at a time with AeroPress.

You can even make three cups and make one like an espresso, the others like American coffee! Or vice versa.

On the other hand, the beauty of the fact that AeroPress technically only makes one cup at a time is that you know your coffee will always be fresh.

This is another factor that gives you the best tasting cup of coffee you can get from AeroPress.

In my opinion, these cons are not very bad, and they both have a solution!

How To Use

Before we get into the tutorial, I should say I have more in-depth how-to’s for AeroPress including one for the inverted method, which I prefer a bit more over the traditional method.

This is how to make a standard AeroPress, similar to the directions written on the box, but more improved.


  • Coffee
  • Water


  • Grind 17-20g of coffee (very fine, almost as fine as espresso. On a scale from 1 to 10, if 1 is the finest, grind on 2 or 3.)
  • Water temperature should be about 190° – 195° F or 87° – 90° C (Although Alan Adler says it should be 175° F (80° C), so you can go that low.)
  • Assemble AeroPress with filter
  • Add coffee to number 1 in the chamber
  • Add hot water to number 3
  • Stir for 10 seconds
  • Let it sit for another 10 seconds, up to 1 minute
  • Press
  • Leave as is for espresso, or add desired amount of hot water to make regular coffee

Try Different Things

If you buy an AeroPress and give it a go, it’s a good idea to try different water temperatures, amounts of coffee, the inverted method, blooming the coffee, different steeping times, the fineness of the grounds, and other things.

The thing about this coffee maker is that even if you just follow the standard instructions on the AeroPress, your coffee will still turn out amazing.

But you can experiment with so many aspects of it and make it better and better. Eventually you’ll find your favorite way of making it.

You can also find many other helpful websites and tutorials about it.

The art of attempting to perfect the AeroPress brew is definitely a journey, but a wonderful one!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: AeroPress is an amazing coffee maker.

Is AeroPress the best coffee brewing method?

It’s not only my favorite coffee maker, it has become the favorite brewing method of many high-caliber baristas all over the world.

Although it’s a popular coffee maker, it still has a hidden gem aspect to it.

If you don’t have an AeroPress and you enjoy brewing coffee at home, I cannot recommend it enough.

Just like any coffee maker or brewing method, it has its cons.

But at least in my opinion, they are so small and all the pros outweigh them hugely.

I hope that if you get one you’ll love it just as much as I do!

I hope this review was helpful. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to let me know! Happy AeroPressing, coffee cheers!


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For me the AeroPress coffee maker is a product to go for if you need to make coffee for yourself on the go, nice review, and very helpful. Good work

Apr 30.2020 | 10:23 pm


    Thank you for the encouragement!

    Apr 30.2020 | 10:52 pm


Hi Danny great review about AeroPress coffee maker!
My suggestion for your review below…

>[If I can put it this way, the AeroPress has just about every “pro” you’re looking for]<
MAYBE CHANGE IT TO: If I can put it this way the AeroPress outweighs the cons.
That's just my suggestion as I was reading I thought that would make your review look nicer.
That's all I've seen nothing really wrong you have an excellent website.
I hope my comment was helpful!

Apr 30.2020 | 11:01 pm


    Thank you so much for the encouragement and feedback, Daniel! I really appreciate it! I can certainly take that into consideration! Best wishes to you

    May 01.2020 | 02:18 am

Annette Persinger

Great review, and well written.
I am not a coffee drinker, but you made it sound very easy and simple to use. I know alot of coffee drinkers and the AeroPress sounds like it would make a great gift for one of those folks for sure.
Not too mention it appears that it would be great for easy clean-up and no waste.
Thank you for sharing such a great product.

Apr 30.2020 | 11:01 pm


    Thank you so much for your comment, Annette! I really appreciate that! I totally understand, coffee isn’t for everyone and I have some friends who don’t drink coffee also. I agree, AeroPress is a great gift! Especially if they like really good home made coffee 🙂

    May 01.2020 | 02:28 am


I love coffee man, going to have to check this out further. Can’t really beat it for the price and quality brew.

Apr 30.2020 | 11:05 pm


    Thank you, Duni! I really appreciate that! It’s a wonderful coffee brewer and if you end up getting one I really hope you enjoy.

    May 01.2020 | 02:29 am

Md Mohiuddin

This is a must for coffee lovers like me, thanks for the wonderful review. I can compromise on one coffee at a time.

Apr 30.2020 | 11:36 pm


    Thank you for your comment! I would certainly agree that it’s a must! Coffee cheers 🙂

    May 01.2020 | 02:30 am


Hello Danny,
like your post review for coffee maker, interesting with the video it is very easy to do and believe that the coffee must be very good fresh done!

May 01.2020 | 12:21 am


    Thank you for your comment, Lyne! I absolutely love the freshness aspect of it yes! It’s a hard coffee maker to compete with. Best wishes

    May 01.2020 | 02:31 am


Excellent review! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I’ve been drinking more lately, and want to invest in a coffee maker. You have done an excellent job of breaking down the pros and cons of the Aeropress; no bias, one sided reviews from you (I love thorough reviews. Haha). I might just invest in an Aeropress coffee maker now. God bless you!

May 01.2020 | 01:07 am


    Thank you so much! I appreciate the encouragement! I hope that if you get an AeroPress that you will really love it! The nice thing too is that if you don’t drink coffee very often, with AeroPress you’re not spending a ton of money for something you don’t use very much. God bless!

    May 01.2020 | 02:33 am


I have been looking for the perfect gift for my best friend who has everything and the Aeropress will be the perfect gift for her. I don’t even drink coffee and the Aeropress makes me want a cup of coffee.
Thank you for the review you made the decision to buy one a lot easier.

May 01.2020 | 07:53 am


    Thank you Lisa! I’m so glad to hear that. I think AeroPress makes an amazing gift! I appreciate the feedback, best wishes.

    May 01.2020 | 06:49 pm


Interesting article have bookmarked this for the future reference, maybe because I have quite an interest in this topic. Thanks for sharing
Jason 🙂

May 01.2020 | 01:12 pm


    Thank you Jason! I appreciate the feedback, and I’m glad to hear you’ve bookmarked it! Best wishes.

    May 01.2020 | 06:51 pm

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