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Have you been making coffee wrong all along??

You know what, I can’t always say if you’ve been making coffee wrong.

If you like the coffee that you make, then maybe you’re not!

I started a website about brewing coffee at home because not only am I trying to better my own coffee-enjoying experience at home, but I want to help you do the same thing.

We can even learn from each other, and that’s something I really appreciate.


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I want to help you enjoy your home-brewed coffee in the most delicious, inexpensive, simple and fun way possible, that suits your tastes and needs.

A Home Brew Coffee Blog

There are always more fads coming out in the coffee world it seems, and I like to test them myself to see if they’re just gimmicks or if they really work.

I’ve also been around people who get very picky about things with coffee that I, as a barista, think is just silly…

It’s a fad among coffee snobs that you can’t reheat coffee, and that coffee becomes radioactive waste that must be disposed of after one hour.

But it’s really a matter of taste. If you think it tastes ok, go ahead and do it, and if you don’t like it then don’t do it. I reheat coffee sometimes.

But this is a discussion for another article.

In this article I just want to give you some general ideas to think about on your coffee trek. I wrote another article about basic tips and tricks for brewing your coffee which you can read here.

This article is like part two, with some of my philosophy behind it.

So let me now give you my best pointers I could think of for Danny’s home brew coffee blog that will help you “coffee succeed”.

Choose Thine Coffee Brewer, Wisely

This is possibly the main factor in winning at your coffee game.

The same exact coffee beans can taste much different if you use an automatic drip coffee maker as opposed to a stovetop espresso maker or French press.

The differences of coffee makers and brewing methods can be major, with factors like ease of use, brew/extraction methods, taste, cost, versatility, grind setting and others.

When it comes down to it, what you really want is to find the coffee maker that best suits your taste.

Try new things! If you love the taste, any extra effort it may take will be well worth it and will seem like nothing.

If you’re reading this article and all you’ve ever tried is using an automatic drip coffee machine, please give another method a try.

You may know that the AeroPress coffee brewer has become my favorite way to make coffee for various reasons. It’s amazing, but it doesn’t have to be your favorite. There are so many ways to brew coffee.

You can read about why AeroPress is my favorite coffee brew method here.

Depending on which coffee brewing method you use, you can have your coffee on the smoother, lighter side or on the darker and more robust side.

My job is to inform you, hopefully give you a good laugh in the process, and give you all the tools you need to find your favorite way of brewing.

Look Deep Within And Find Your Roast

Yeah I could’ve said that better, but what I’m saying is that if you only buy Don Francisco’s vanilla flavored coffee… you could probably branch out.

There is a big difference between light and dark roast coffee.

Sure that’s obvious.

Personally, I’ve tried so many different light, medium and dark roast coffees over the years, and I’ve discovered I much prefer dark roast coffee over light roast.

There are not only differences of taste, but also acidity level, mouthfeel, oiliness, caffeine level, etc.

One example is that dark roast coffee actually contains less caffeine, because the caffeine level decreases the longer you roast the coffee.

Discovering which brand of coffee and country of origin you most prefer is a whole different ball game.

That’s a never-ending story as there are so many brands to choose from.

But you can start by finding out if you prefer light or dark roast coffee, which is much easier.

Grind Thine Coffee Into Shape

This one is fairly straightforward: every different brewing method requires different fineness or coarseness of your coffee grounds.

How to make good coffee at home


Be sure to learn and become familiar with them. It’s actually really simple, and the information is here on My Home Brewed Coffee, also all over the internet and insanely easy to find.

And of course you can always feel free to ask me if you have questions or if I don’t give enough information about a topic; I’ll be happy to help!

Ensuring the proper fineness of your coffee is highly important to get the most out of your coffee beans. Also, to ensure you don’t find your reflexes spitting out your coffee.

The taste and the whole experience just doesn’t work if you grind your coffee with the wrong fineness. For example, if you brew a French press with very fine coffee grounds, or make espresso with coarse grounds.

Check Out The Fads, But Don’t Believe Everything

Occasionally, I do grow dreadfully weary of people’s preposterous coffee snobbery.

I find it frustrating when I’m told that I don’t brew coffee properly because I don’t have the water temperature at precisely 205.2 degrees, grind the coffee to a nanometer preciseness for fineness on a hand mill, and extract the coffee for exactly 26.7 seconds down to the second.

These are all just fads.

The experts can’t even agree on the best practices for making coffee. It’s usually the same kind of people who think that coffee expires the moment it goes below 100 degrees.

When I hear about the latest trend or buzzword in the coffee world, I just go ahead and give it a try. But it’s like food, start with the recipe and over time make any changes to suit your taste, to make it your very best.

It doesn’t make you an expert barista by knowing formulas and numbers, it makes you an expert barista when you have experience making coffee and you understand the delicate intricacies of different brewing methods to make the best tasting coffee possible.

This is in ways that can only be learned by practice, and experimentation. Not just someone telling you that you need to brew your coffee at “so-and-so” temperature.

Those things can actually be great starting points and guidelines, and sometimes it may be the best way to do it. But it’s not necessarily the coffee scriptures to be engraved on stone tablets.

That being said, be open to new things!

Have Fun

When it comes to cooking, maybe one of the top reasons people don’t enjoy cooking is because they just don’t think it’s fun or enjoyable.

If people enjoy cooking, they will not only do it more often, but they will become skilled at it!

It is similar with coffee. Maybe people just need some energy in the morning.

They don’t like actually making the coffee, and the coffee they make is mundane at best, because they want an energy boost but they don’t like doing it or don’t understand it.

Most people enjoy good food, so similarly, why not use a minute or two extra and a bit more prep work to really enjoy a fine beverage like coffee?

What's the best way to make coffee at home?


That’s my take on it anyway.

The best way to make coffee is to enjoy doing it! It usually shines through when you enjoy brewing it and make it with care.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write them below and I’ll be happy to hear from you!


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