by Danny | 4:58 pm

Have You Tried my Favorite Espresso Beverage?

Ok, look, I’ll just say right from the start… I’m not sure if I can actually choose a top favorite espresso beverage. But when I go to coffee shops and am in the mood

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by Danny | 3:31 am

Starbucks Coffee Verona Review

I’ve tried a lot of Starbucks coffees. I’ve also talked about my 4 favorite Starbucks coffees in this article. Verona is actually one of my favorite roasts that they offer, like I said in

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by Danny | 4:56 am

Counter Culture Coffee Big Trouble Review

Sometimes I get into trouble… and sometimes into big trouble. Ok sorry for that. But anyway, I went to Target one day and found Counter Culture Coffee and their Big Trouble roast, and decided

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by Danny | 12:29 am

Blue Bottle Coffee Bright Review

I was very excited to try these coffee beans from Blue Bottle, because I had previously only been to a physical Blue Bottle Coffee café in New York just once. And I’ll say right

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by Danny | 7:11 pm

Personalized Coffee Mugs

If you’re anything like me, you love coffee mugs. I have a huge coffee mug collection. It’s actually so big, I sadly have to get rid of some from time to time, otherwise I’m

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by Danny | 11:12 am

Koffee Kult – Some Info and Best Picks!

I’ll admit, I dared to drink the Kool-Aid… I mean koffee. It wasn’t bad actually. Koffee Kult is a popular coffee roaster with a clever name and schtick, and some fine coffee. In this

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by Danny | 5:21 pm

How To Make a Cafe Au Lait

French for, “coffee with milk”, this hot beverage is in fact more than just coffee with some milk poured into it. Given, it’s not a super complicated drink. It’s pretty simple, but it’s not

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by Danny | 5:34 pm

Wilfa Uniform Coffee Grinder Complete Review

I don’t know about you, but I’ve come to develop sort of a love/hate relationship with coffee grinders. Meaning, I need to have one, but it feels like it can be such a gamble

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by Danny | 6:20 pm

Piano Tutorial – How to Play Holy Forever by Bethel Music

Bethel Music’s current latest release, Come Up Here, is a great album by this amazing worship team from Redding, California. And I’m pretty sure “Holy Forever” is the most popular song off the album,

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by Danny | 6:23 pm

Kristians Kaffe Filterkaffe Review – A Delicious Danish Coffee

I love trying food and drink from around the world. And in this article I’m going to review a coffee from a roaster in Denmark called Kristians Kaffe! I’ll let you know right up

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