by Danny | 2:48 pm

Lavazza Tierra Organic Amazonia Coffee Review

I’ve now written quite a bit about Lavazza, and tried at least a few of their coffees. They’re really a great company when it comes to not only espresso but “regular coffee” too. But

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by Danny | 8:07 pm

Stumptown Coffee – I Tried 2 and Gave Up…

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, based out of Portland, Oregon, is not only a hip roaster, they’ve also become super popular. I must admit, I really like their design and branding, their coffee bags are fun

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by Danny | 5:10 pm

The Best Decaf Coffee

If you were to ask people why they drink coffee, the chances are at least 95% or higher you’ll get at least one of these two reasons: I like the taste and/or I want

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by Danny | 7:16 pm

Illy Coffee Beans

Some of the giants of the European coffee world are Illy and Lavazza. And for good reason; they’re both really good coffees! When I’ve visited Australia two times, I noticed that Illy is super

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by Danny | 1:57 pm

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans – Taste the Goodness

If you’re a coffee lover (which you probably are if you’re here), you need to try chocolate covered coffee beans if you haven’t already. It’s like the ultimate coffee snack. Now, before I go

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by Danny | 4:32 pm

How to Play Worship Songs on Piano

One of my biggest passions in life is music. Piano is my favorite instrument, and more than just music, my favorite thing to do is worship Jesus at my piano. My story of learning

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