by Danny | 12:59 pm

The Best Single-Serve Coffee Maker

As coffee culture grows and evolves, different brewing methods appear and become popular. One of the most popular ones today is single-serve coffee machines, like Keurig, etc. On average, Americans drink up to three

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by Danny | 3:55 pm

How To Roast Your Own Coffee

I’ll let you know right from the start… this is maybe an article for the coffee die-hards. The convenience factor of buying pre-roasted beans is quite high compared to roasting your own coffee at

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by Danny | 10:23 am

How To Brew Hario V60

I’ve recently written a review on this awesome pour over, after having one and using it for over a year. So if for some reason you’re reading this and you don’t have one, you

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by Danny | 7:19 pm

Folgers Coffee – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I’ve briefly mentioned the infamous Folgers Coffee several times in this blog. And usually always making jabs at this very well-known coffee company. Here at My Home Brewed Coffee, I love to recommend coffees

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by Danny | 10:15 am

Oat Milk and Coffee

As I write this, nearing the end of 2021, oat milk is a big craze. And what’s more, oat milk and coffee. We have oat milk as creamer, oat milk lattes, oat milk cappuccinos,

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by Danny | 11:38 am

Embrace Your Inner Weirdness

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams. I think that too many of us lose that spark.   But what do I know? I guess I’m

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by Danny | 10:46 am

Oolong Tea – An Earthy, Awesome and Healthy Tea

I’m making a big leap today. Here at My Home Brewed Coffee, I’m all about, well… coffee! No surprise there. And while I’ve only written about coffee on this site, I do in fact

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by Danny | 9:51 am

What’s the Best Coffee on Amazon?

We’re here to talk about a doozy of a question today. There are hundreds and hundreds of coffees you can buy on Amazon. And honestly, Amazon is my favorite place to buy coffee because

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by Danny | 4:12 pm

Christmas Blend Coffee

Christmas comes but once a year. And so does all the Christmas Blend coffee. It’s kind of like Eggnog, you just have to get it and enjoy it while you can.   => Click

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by Danny | 7:36 pm

What is Chicory Coffee?

If you’ve ever heard people talk about chicory coffee and wondered about it, let me just tell you right off the bat that it’s not the same as “coffee coffee”. The chicory plant, known

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