by Danny | 11:29 pm

Mr. Brown Bean “Guatemala Huehuetenango” Review – A Delicious Coffee From a Local San Diego Guy

I’ll start this off by saying I haven’t tried many coffees from Guatemala. But when I met a fellow Instagrammer named Hector who delivers coffee in San Diego, I looked at his selection and

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by Danny | 5:10 am

Coffee + Giant Steps – A Pure Swingin’ Combo!

I just finished a bag of an amazing coffee called Coltrane by Red Bay Coffee. And since I love talking about how well coffee and music go together, I almost couldn’t help but listen

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by Danny | 12:13 am

Red Bay Coffee “Coltrane” Review – A Classy Colombian Coffee

Here’s a coffee that caught my eye pretty quick. A coffee named after a well-known jazz saxophone player!   ==> Click here to see the best deal on this classy, tasty coffee! <==  

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