by Danny | 9:29 pm

Coffee + ‘In My Room’ – A Fun, Eclectic Pairing

Jacob Collier is a musical genius. But that might be an understatement… he’s more like a musical super-genius. He’s an anomaly. Aside from that, he also just has a really fun personality and seems

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by Danny | 10:50 pm

Paper vs Metal Pour Over Coffee Filters – Which One’s Better?

Chemex, Hario, Kalita Wave, Bean Envy, Bodum, OXO Brew… what’s your favorite pour over? I have my favorite, but that’s another article. Honestly, it’s really hard for me to choose a favorite, and… it

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by Danny | 7:13 pm

Feeling Unmotivated? – How to Stay Motivated Step One: Accept Yourself

I’m going to be raw and honest here: I’ve been going through a lack of motivation lately and I feel like I’m running dry on my creativity! I’m having trouble thinking of new ideas

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by Danny | 5:32 am

Don Francisco’s Coffee – Learn About Don, and His Coffee

Don Francisco’s Coffee has a certain special place in my heart. I get very… sentimental over it. Sometimes I lie awake in my bed in the late night hours just thinking about it and

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by Danny | 8:40 pm

Kicking Horse Coffee Three Sisters Review – A Savory and Smooth Roast

Kicking Horse is a popular coffee roaster that’s kicking butt and taking names all the way up in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, where they roast their coffee. Their Three Sisters roast is the

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by Danny | 7:23 pm

Pre-Ground Coffee vs. Whole Bean? – Does it Really Make a Big Difference?

I’m sure many of us have heard at some point that coffee will taste better and fresher if we buy it whole bean and grind it ourselves, at home. Is it really true or

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by Danny | 7:37 pm

Good as Gold Coffee Roasters’ ‘Tanzania Peaberry’ Review – A Nice, Buttery Brew

With a name like Good as Gold Coffee Roasters, I had high hopes as I was tasting this coffee! I’ve tried Tanzania Peaberry coffees before but not extensively, just a cup here and there

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by Danny | 8:48 pm

Coffee + The Freewheelin’ – An Ideal, Rustic Coffee Soundtrack

Bob Dylan is a legend, a phenomenal songwriter, and a genius in his own right. He’s also an American cultural icon who has written numerous songs that have been covered countless times. I’ve covered

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