by Danny | 6:59 pm

How to Make Pour Over Coffee – The Best Way!

Many baristas and coffee lovers claim that pour over is the best way to make coffee. I don’t totally agree, but I can understand why people say that! There are a lot of things

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by Danny | 11:21 am

The 5 Elements of Coffee Taste – Get in on the Coffee Snobbery

And you maybe thought this was just something for wine… Different words like body, aroma, flavor notes… Well it turns out coffee is sophisticated, too. There are five different elements of the coffee taste

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by Danny | 1:10 pm

Kona Coffee – See What Makes it so Special

Kona coffee comes from the land where palm trees sway. That alone makes it pretty special and noteworthy. But there are several reasons why it’s amazing coffee. If you’ve never had Kona coffee, it’s

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by Danny | 2:20 pm

What is Coffee Bloom?

This is an important, easy, and not so widely known technique you can use for your home coffee brewing. It only takes an additional 30 seconds and makes a difference in how your coffee

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by Danny | 2:28 am

What is Kopi Luwak? – Learn About the World’s Rarest Drink

For one thing, it’s the rarest drink in the world. Or, one of them. Like Jack Nicholson’s character says in the movie Bucket List, if you’ve seen that. It also has some funny nicknames,

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by Danny | 6:41 pm

4 Reasons to Brew Coffee at Home

We really do live in a Starbucks culture. Or a Lofty Coffee, or Bird Rock, Better Buzz or whatever-coffee-shop-you-love kind of culture. Honestly, I love coffee shops too. And there are many that I

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by Danny | 8:45 pm

How to: Inverted AeroPress

The AeroPress is one handy little coffee brewer. If you don’t own an AeroPress, I recommend you go and get yourself one because not only are they quite inexpensive, they are also wonderfully versatile

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by Danny | 10:52 pm

The AeroPress Inverted Method – Is it Really Better?

The AeroPress has become a popular brewing method in recent years, and a great coffee brewer supermodel for Instagram. It has also become my personal favorite coffee maker. Yes I put up photos of

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by Danny | 8:16 pm

How Many Calories are there in Coffee? – From Espresso to Frappuccino

Calories are a big deal when it comes to weight loss and health. So it would make sense that with so many people counting calories, they would be wondering what the calorie count is

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